About Me

Hello! I'm GeistInDerSH.

I am a currently a DevOps Engineer at <REDACTED>. I spend most of my time at work helping to automate development pipelines to make the developer's lives easier and working to add additional security testing to internal and external projects. When needed, I occassionally help out with System Administration.

When I'm not working I spend a lot of time reading or watching videos / documentaries on random topics I am interested in. These are often, but not always, related to technology. I also read a fair number of Manga. I also tend to lurk around various Discord servers related to programming, and security.

I am a pround member of the Shellphish CTF team, having played with them in both DEFCON 28 & 29.

I am a native speaker of English, additionally I am conversationally fluent in both German, and Spanish.


Where does 'GeistInDerSH' come from?

GeistInDerSH is a reference to the 1995 film Ghost in the Shell with the 'Shell' being replaced with /bin/sh